So It Does Cloud Up In Tucson.


It is monsoon season here in Tucson, Arizona, and I must say I’m enjoying the dramatic weather changes that brings.  I mean, as much as I love the seemingly never-ending stream of sunny days, I find I’ve missed actual, well, weather.   You know, like clouds and rain and such.   So it is good to know that there is a season here where it does get cloudy, and it has even rained!   Four times so far that I’ve personally witnessed, and two of them were pretty heavy (the other two times, well, if there were at least enough water drops to be noticeable on my front window, that counted as rain).


Nekoka could care less about monsoon season.  Even when its cloudy, it’s bright enough to sun bathe.


Okay, yeah, I’m a grandmother so I guess I can get away with throwing in a gratuitous photo of Lilith. 


Sometimes I just stand outside on my back porch and watch the clouds roll in.  I absolutely love the privacy having a back yard brings.  Yes, I hang up my laundry outside in my pajamas. But I do put on a hat on those days when it isn’t building up for some dramatic weather event.   That is one of the big changes between Pennsylvania and Tucson.  You wear a hat when you go outside. 


Except when it looks like this.  But notice – all this drama – and still, no actual rain is falling.  But that’s okay – the temperature has dropped below 100 degrees so all is good!

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12 Responses to So It Does Cloud Up In Tucson.

  1. Lilith is just lovely; and so happy to see Nekoka chill-axingin Tucson. I did not now you had finally made this move…concats for sure and so hope you and you whole family, human and furred and feathered are pleased. Paw Pats, Savvy

  2. Sallyann says:

    I know what you mean, but sometimes here in England we get so fed up of seeing clouds that we forget to see how beautiful they are. 🙂

    • Wazeau says:

      It is so odd to be on the other side of weather as I’ve known it. But I think I now prefer my desert to the rolling Pennsylvania hills… As long as the community pool stays open!

  3. AnnieAnnie says:

    Huge turbulent skies to admire.. even if there’s little rain. I love your ‘the temperature has dropped below 100 degrees so all is good!’ 100 degrees!!! At 80 degrees here, I’m Lovin’ it, but am gasping n wearing as little as possible indoors. Have a fan playing on long-haired Sweetie and all windows wide open.
    Yes, Delighted here, also, to hear it’s going so well for you n your families.. Lilith is an absolute sweetheart.. what Fun it’s going to be watching her discover the World she’s in.. and her Way in it.
    With Love to You All, in Admiration, Annie :))

  4. Pat Bean says:

    Did you know I live in Tucson now? I’ve never lived in the desert before, and have come to love it. But then the Sonoran Desert, I’ve been told, is not at all like the Mojave. Desert monsoons are a whole new world to me. But, like you, I love it when it rains.

    • Wazeau says:

      Yes, although I have been very bad at leaving comments, I read your blog and love your posts and photos, especially now that I have pretty much the same view :). The lightning last night over the northern mountains was worth being woke up at midnight by the thunder.

  5. Patricia says:

    I grew up in NE Ohio and now live in SC. Sometimes I miss the gray skies of the Lake Erie shoreline. Your grandbaby is beautiful…of course there will be pictures of her.

  6. Candace says:

    I didn’t realize you had moved to AZ, cool. Unlike your other commenter, I loooove Phoenix but I am getting sick of this rain. We do need it but I’m not fond of the violence of the monsoons. Welcome to AZ.

    • Wazeau says:

      Thanks! I’m so happy to be here. Been up to Phoenix a couple of times to the zoo and out to dinner (but I think I like the zoo here in Tucson better, Phoenix’ zoo seems like a whole lot more walking!)

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