More Cat TV Tucson Style



A new critter on Cat TV has been teasing Nekoka.  But don’t let his intent demeanor fool you – Nekoka is petrified of the out of doors.  I crack open that door and he’s under my bed way before the squirrel even blinks.


I’ve been throwing whatever is leftover from the parrot’s food out in the back yard and this gentleman has decided he likes the parrot nuggets, even more than the doves do.  I think he’s a rock squirrel, but I’ve also seen Harris’ Antelope squirrels – they are cute little things that look a little bit like chipmunks – I’m still trying to get a good photo of one.


All that excitement wears Nekoka out.


Until I bring in a box to unpack!  Although Sassafrass, as usual, wins the race to claim the box, Nekoka definitely has ideas about the contents.  There’s food in there, he just knows it!


Too bad its ALL MINE!  I had dibs!  Sometimes its worth having opposable thumbs, you can beat the cats to the food.


Sassy has been watching her weight closely.  Rather her than me!  I’ve put on eight pounds since I’ve moved out here to Tucson.  I really need to get a handle on it before I have to go buy new clothes – never a fun thing.   It comes working from home – not enough exercise and too much cheese.   I think I was a mouse in a former life.   I love my cheese Sad smile


Moonsoon season is still here and providing some spectacular weather.  Look at that awesome storm heading my way.  Its weird though, it rains from a cloud over the back yard and its bright and sunny in the front yard.  But the lightning can be awesome.


The colors are extraordinary!  Too bad this rainbow didn’t come out quite as clear as I’d hoped.


I am just loving the sunsets too – the reds and oranges fading into deep purples.  Beautiful.


But Nekoka has had enough of the lightning and thunder.  He’s ready for Moonsoon Season to be over.

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6 Responses to More Cat TV Tucson Style

  1. Pandionna says:

    “It comes working from home – not enough exercise and too much cheese.” I hear that.

  2. Mmm, cheese! Everyone looks happy in the new place, glad you are too!

  3. Sallyann says:

    Wonderful skies. 🙂

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