Sun Worshippers


We are trying very hard to feel sympathy for my East Coast friends who are suffering through a horrendous winter.  I look at those temperatures and shiver in empathy.  I hope I never have to move back east!   Smile


Sassafrass and Nekoka, hedonists that they are, luxuriate in the beautiful sunny days here in Tucson.  Yeah, okay, we have had a few days of rain, and some clouds.  Indeed, to be honest I’d actually call today a bit chilly.  I had to wear a jacket on my walk this morning! 


But the sunset tonight was absolutely magnificent.  I took a whole series of photos of the sun going down, and every single one of them was blurry!  This was the best of the lot, but it doesn’t do justice to the glorious colors.  I don’t think I am ever going to get tired of watching the sun go down here.


I’m very excited.  Saturday is my volunteer orientation at the Hermitage Cat Shelter.  I have been wanting to start giving back some of what I’ve been given by all the cats I have had over the years.  The Hermitage is a no-kill shelter about fifteen minutes from my home.  I had a brief visit when I filled out my application and I felt very positive about the experience.  I can’t wait to start contributing some of my time now that I’m not working.  


I had to share this photo.  I have no idea why Sassy was stretching her claws on the bird cages.  Merlin was not too happy about it and chased her away immediately.  One of these days, I hope I actually capture Merlin bossing Sassy around.  She would be humiliated if I shared it!

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1 Response to Sun Worshippers

  1. nadbugs says:

    Sun? What’s that? But on a really important subject, Wazz, I have just been inspired by another blogger’s post about TNR and Best Friends offering grants to help with that. If you were to look into this program and whether Tucson has one, I could think of no better use of anyone’s time! What you think?

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