Fallen Through The Cracks


Lilith and Christie having some fun

My poor blog has fallen through the cracks in my life and I’m starting to feel guilty about it!  It seems the more time I have the less I post – very counter-intuitive.


Lilith on the trampoline

My dog and my granddaughter have both gotten bigger since my last entry!   Is she not heart-stoppingly adorable?  I’m not prejudiced or anything…


My latest shawl in a wonderful colorway called “Wildflowers”

I’m still crocheting and have managed to sell six shawls in my Etsy shop so far this year which is fantastic – I’d like to think the things I make find homes with women who will wear them rather than just hanging out in their little bags in my closet.


Creed and Izzy visited us – they took over poor Christie’s bed!

I ventured into the world of dog boarding via my profile at Rover.com and I’m having so much fun meeting and having dogs as guests!  Christie is not quite as enthused, especially with younger, more puppyish visitors, but I think she enjoys having some canine company now and then.  And I’m hoping I’ll make enough to avoid a future as a Walmart greeter.


Sassy and Nekoka hanging out on the back of the couch while I cringe-watch TWD

Everyone is still alive and kicking cat and parrot-wise, although Nekoka has dropped a lot of weight – he is not the big fat orange cat he used to be.  I’ve had him to the vet and she found nothing unusual in all the tests she ran which is disconcerting.  She’s got him on a pretty damn expensive vet diet too but I don’t mind (that much) because I want him to stay with me as long as possible.  He and his sister Sassy are still the most loving affection cats I’ve ever had and I am so grateful I’ve had them in my life.


Morning, Mom!

Bandit is still running the show from his perch on either my knee or my shoulder.  He’s 23 years old now but still looking damn good!


Merlin enjoying a shower spritzer

Merlin, who is now twenty (how the time does fly) is still a little bully who can make Bandit lose his cool by trying to feed him, and his abnormal attraction to my feet is going strong.


New lambie toy to destroy

My girl Christie is also hanging in there.  Her vet diagnosed her back in June with large masses on her spleen and heart, and she’s had a few small seizures from which she recovered quickly.  She doesn’t walk much but she still eats like a little piggy and I really have trouble keeping her weight down.  At this point, I just want her to be happy and who am I to begrudge her an occasional pig ear or bully stick 🙂


No more photos!

I really want to get more proactive and bring my little blog back to life – for me and for my little granddaughter.  I’d like to think someday she might want to know more about me and how I used to be!

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7 Responses to Fallen Through The Cracks

  1. Bernadette says:

    Good to hear from you–all those animals, sounds like heaven!

  2. nadbugs says:

    Yay. We’re still here all together.

  3. Ah, she is a wonderful wee one! And yes, I missed you. But I assumed (and seems I was right) that you were having a wonderful time being with family, after so long on your own. Enjoy it, my dear.

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