Dog Boarding

I’m trying to avoid having to go back to an office or other real-world type job!   I’m never happier than when I’m interacting with my pets, and my ideal career would be one with animals at the center.  Now that I’m out of the computer software engineering world, I’ve made some additional funds pet sitting for friends and family.  As of the beginning of October 2016, I’ve ventured into the world of dog boarding via  My profile can be found at and, if you are a first time boarder at rover, you can use my code WAZEAUSWORLD20 to get a twenty dollar discount – even if you choose another home to take care of your pets when you are away from home.  I like rover because they completely vet the sitters including background checks, and provide insurance and emergency hot lines, as well as the complete system and advertising that makes it an incredible asset for both sitters and boarders.

I absolutely love meeting and boarding new dogs; it is like a dream come true.  I’ve already had several clients and more up-coming.  Time will tell if I will make enough money to fill in the gaps and avoid that nightmare future I envisioned welcoming people at my local Walmart 🙂


Some recent guests keeping Christie company!