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Seriously, Nekoka

Sassafrass may be boggled but I am just thrilled to have such a characteristic picture of Nekoka to add to the ever-growing collection of photographic memories of my lovely cats. I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t love this face? Catnip … Continue reading

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Merlin Says Hello

He had some blueberries for breakfast; you can see he left some on his lower beak.  This is Merlin’s standard “scratch my head” pose.  He puffs up and shows me exactly where he wants me to rub.  If I take … Continue reading

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Nekoka Has The Blues

You would think he’d be in a better mood, absorbing that late morning sunshine!  He looks so sad to me in this picture but I know I’m just seeing my own emotions reflecting in those yellow eyes. Just in case … Continue reading

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Laser Eyes On The Prize

Sassafrass thinks, “he’s soaking wet AND eating…I bet I could sneak right up on him and have a parrot snack!” Bandit thinks, “Not while Mom’s here taking your picture, Sass.”

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Voluntary Incarceration

Sassafrass style. Why do we bother laundering our clothes?  Oh yes, to warm up our pajamas for use as pussycat belly-warmers.

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Trying to Capture Bandit and Merlin in Flight

Here is two of many attempts to get some decent video of the parrots flying.  These are so bad it is embarrassing, and these are the two best out of ten tries!  I mean to keep trying till I get … Continue reading

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The State Of My Brain

It is getting worse and worse.  The older I get, the more I find myself gazing off into the distance with absolutely NOTHING going on in my head. I’m not even daydreaming or amusing myself with brainteasers or planning the … Continue reading

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