Bandit, that Old Curmudgeon


I love this bird.  He has been with me twenty-one years now, and the place I got him from estimated him to be about two years old, so I consider him to be twenty-three.  The older he gets the more mellow he is, although he can still really pump up the volume when he wants to.

I can’t image what my life would be without him.  Internet resources claim Nanday Conures lifespans range from twenty to thirty years.  He has slowed down considerably in activity, but he is just as agile and quick as always as far as I can tell when flying, and he can destroy a chunk of pine as fast as always.  I’m hoping I have many more years of his company, because my shoulder without Bandit on it just doesn’t feel right.

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Birthday… with Pails


I celebrated my fifty-fourth birthday yesterday with a project I’ve been contemplating for awhile.  I have been wanting to do some gardening, and my pinterest has been filling up with various do-it-yourself inexpensive gardening ideas.   I really liked one I saw using some metal buckets.  My idea was to substitute some cheap plastic pails, and I found some that made me giggle at Walmart.  (Sigh – yes, I shop at Walmart sometimes).  Then I hit the spring sale at Home Depot for flowers. I had already picked up some hooks and mesh and potting soil at Ace (which I like much better for that sort of thing, because the employees at my local Ace are so wonderfully helpful and friendly).

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Sun Worshippers


We are trying very hard to feel sympathy for my East Coast friends who are suffering through a horrendous winter.  I look at those temperatures and shiver in empathy.  I hope I never have to move back east!   Smile

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Poser – and Sundry Other Things


I’ve been watercolor painting again after a whole year’s sabbatical, but SOMEONE thinks my choice of subject matter leaves something to be desired.  Why I’ve picked it up again, will be explained further down this post.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside


We had a very cold week which actually gave us snow on New Years Day.  Although when I dared to post a photo on Facebook and called it “Snow”, I was sort of laughed at.  Around here, “Expecting a Hard Freeze” is a major news event which precipitates my entire neighborhood to cover cactus, bushes, and baby trees with blankets.

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Morning at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tucson Botanical Gardens, Cactus area

After two days in a row of rain and clouds, I awoke this morning to brilliant blue sunny skies, so I finally made good on my wish to visit the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  I was especially interested in their Butterfly Garden, which is toted as “one of the best butterfly houses in the country” on their webpage.

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Nekoka, a short photographic study


He is handsome and dignified.


He is calm, sedate even, and extremely well balanced. 


He never over-indulges in catnip.

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