Sun Worshippers


We are trying very hard to feel sympathy for my East Coast friends who are suffering through a horrendous winter.  I look at those temperatures and shiver in empathy.  I hope I never have to move back east!   Smile

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Poser – and Sundry Other Things


I’ve been watercolor painting again after a whole year’s sabbatical, but SOMEONE thinks my choice of subject matter leaves something to be desired.  Why I’ve picked it up again, will be explained further down this post.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside


We had a very cold week which actually gave us snow on New Years Day.  Although when I dared to post a photo on Facebook and called it “Snow”, I was sort of laughed at.  Around here, “Expecting a Hard Freeze” is a major news event which precipitates my entire neighborhood to cover cactus, bushes, and baby trees with blankets.

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Morning at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Tucson Botanical Gardens, Cactus area

After two days in a row of rain and clouds, I awoke this morning to brilliant blue sunny skies, so I finally made good on my wish to visit the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  I was especially interested in their Butterfly Garden, which is toted as “one of the best butterfly houses in the country” on their webpage.

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Nekoka, a short photographic study


He is handsome and dignified.


He is calm, sedate even, and extremely well balanced. 


He never over-indulges in catnip.

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Finally, a Plant I Can’t Kill


I think my crochet cactus turned out kind of cute, and as an up side, I think even I can keep this one alive.  I mean, I might have to wash it now and then but I can skip the fertilizing!  I have three more patterns with different amigurumi cactus to make – I’ll have a whole yarn garden!

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More Cat TV Tucson Style



A new critter on Cat TV has been teasing Nekoka.  But don’t let his intent demeanor fool you – Nekoka is petrified of the out of doors.  I crack open that door and he’s under my bed way before the squirrel even blinks.

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