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Working From Home While Sandy Sweeps In

Is not as easy as one might think, what with all the supervision I require. Advertisements

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Why Is It Taking So Long?

It has been a full five minutes and Mom has not yet opened this box.  I thought I had her trained properly!

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Sassafrass Photobombs Merlin

Merlin loves posing in the afternoon sun – but not when Sassafrass tries to butt in. As if she doesn’t get enough posts on her own, she tries to horn in on Merlin’s shots too.

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Holding Mom Hostage

Let’s see her try to type when I, Sassafrass, have her hand and lap held hostage!

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Morning Ablutions

Pay no attention to the fact that I’m taking some of these photos from the vantage point of my toilet.  Yes, the boys pretty much go everywhere with me when I’m home.  I can’t get a minute’s privacy between the … Continue reading

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Catnip Toys, Not Easily Shared

Cute pose aside, try as she might, Sassafrass cannot convince Nekoka to share his new catnip eight-ball toy.

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Cherish the Moments

The long lazy afternoons of summer and fall are over, and the moments when the sun streams through my bedroom patio door are growing shorter and shorter. Nekoka is squeezed into his favorite corner, which remains the longest in the … Continue reading

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