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Now How Did That Get There?

One fine March morning back in 2006, I got up to see this nice wad of yarn stuck in the cat door between my living room and basement. Two guesses how it got there… This was when I started keeping … Continue reading

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My Crochet Buddies

Sassafrass loves to help me crochet, so I tried to get some photos of her enthusiasm.

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Old Yarns, New Projects–and Obligatory Cat Photo

Since I’m on the subject of crochet projects, and this little blog is about my world which actually does include some things beside my cats and birds (huge shock, I know!) I’d like to show off my two current projects … Continue reading

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This Doesn’t Belong Here

Since I’m home on vacation this week, one of my self-imposed tasks is to wash all the afghans that serve as couch or chair covers (in my eyes) or cat cushions (Sassafrass’ version).  She was not at all happy when … Continue reading

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Signs of Senility

Bandit, my Nanday Conure, wanted a bath tonight.  He made that very clear by attempting to dive into the lettuce I was washing to eat with dinner. So I took him upstairs and gave him a bath in the sink … Continue reading

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Not that these need interpretation

This is cat talk for “my bowl is almost empty”. This is “will she never fill my bowl?” Last but not least, this is “I’m starving to death because she doesn’t love me enough to refill this bowl.”

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