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What I do when not working, sleeping, eating, and playing with my pets

So Neglected, So Pitiful, So Sad

Sassafrass feels so neglected, since I’ve been lost in Guild Wars 2 the last few weeks. Advertisements

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Brief Time Out and for what you ask?

Not neglecting the cats or the birds… just the blog Will be back to my rather irregular bloggage shortly!

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8.28.2012 Finally

My cat blog friends may not understand, but this makes my toes curl.  For the first time in perhaps my entire life, I can say with honesty, that I cannot wait for summer to end. Greibach explains the timeline much … Continue reading

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Hunting Season in my Computer Room

I get a shiver down my spine when I look up from the computer where I have been happily healing my companions in a PVP battle with my cleric in Rift, to see my ferocious cats in this pose: Note … Continue reading

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Play Time or Dinner Time?

Judging from the positioning and body language, Nekoka doesn’t care that I want to log my mage into Rift. It is definitively dinner time.

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This is my mage in the latest Rift Beta.  She collects souls for fun and profit.  Here she is showing off her elementalist side.  This is going to be a great fun game when it goes live. When she is … Continue reading

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