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Christie’s Old (Cold) Bones

My girl Christie has been with me 11 months now.  I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by.  She wasn’t a super active dog to begin with – her age and her health contributed to a general weariness … Continue reading

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Fallen Through The Cracks

My poor blog has fallen through the cracks in my life and I’m starting to feel guilty about it!  It seems the more time I have the less I post – very counter-intuitive.

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Your Cheese or Your Life

These twerps can be pretty intimidating when there’s cheese on the line.

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Should Have Bought One Long Ago

My two cats grew up with a dripping bathroom faucet whose sole purpose, they assumed, was to provide them with fresh running water.  Neither Nekoka or Sassafrass will drink out of their water bowl.

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Becoming Best Buddies

After fifteen years of not giving Merlin the time of day, Bandit has really become addicted to preening his once-nemesis.  Merlin is in heaven about the situation – he has waited his whole life for Bandit to come around.  This … Continue reading

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We Love When Mom Works From Home

Cause we get to supervise everything she does.

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A New Box

Mom got a new “mouse” and she is all happy about that… something about how “a single-click isn’t a freakin’ double-click”, with a lot of additional obscenities spewing.  Be that as it may, a new toy for her means a … Continue reading

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