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A Catnip Cigar for Nekoka

Nekoka loves his new catnip cigar. Advertisements

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Taste of the Wild Indeed

Once I had all the cans put away, Sassafrass made herself at home in the boxes!

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Sassafrass Sits In It

My girl Sassy is the Queen of Cat Credo #1 – If I Fits in It, I Sits in It. She was too fast for me to catch her climbing in so you get to watch two minutes of her … Continue reading

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Posing for the Camera

Merlin, my Bronze-Wing Pionus, is starting to feel his oats with spring roaring in this month.  Him and Bandit are enemies again, he keeps trying to get in my kitchen cupboards, and heaven forbid I leave my socks on while … Continue reading

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Go Away I’m Trying To Sleep Here

Sassafrass grumbles, Mom’s always with the camera flashing me in the face while I’m trying to go to sleep! There we go, that’s better.

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Cat Slumber Party

While the birds are kicking up a mess downstairs, this is the scene upstairs in my bedroom on a nice Saturday morning. While I’m busting my butt cleaning, this is what my sweet little kittens are up to.

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Sentinel Duty

I try to tell them they don’t have to guard me while I’m in the bathroom, but I swear, sometimes we just don’t communicate.

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