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Parrot Shenanigans

If it isn’t a cat on my lap making it difficult to play on the computer, it’s the parrots on the back of my chair.  When these two plot back there, who knows what trouble will be incoming. Advertisements

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Pumpkin Envy

Nekoka and Sassafrass are now insisting I purrchase them some mini-pumpkins.  I have no idea why…   Big Cat Rescue is a very worthwhile cause in my opinion.  Check them (and their wonderful cats) out.

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Nekoka On The Hunt

Disguised by the grass, Nekoka believes the finch has no clue that he is one pounce away from being dinner.  Well, if the glass door wasn’t there, anyway.

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Making Herself At Home

My computer room is in the east end of my townhouse, so it gets the morning light, which, as any cat person can tell you, is highly prized real estate.  Especially as it has been such a rare occurrence this … Continue reading

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Nekoka In The Sunshine

Just a quick post of yesterday’s picture of Nekoka basking in the late afternoon sunshine.  He looks so serious and studly with elbows out and paws together, but I know he is zoned out enjoying the feel of the sun … Continue reading

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Whose Bag Is It Anyway?

Nekoka looks around.  Is it secret? Is it safe?

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Make Me Breakfast

Nekoka gives me the “get out of bed you lazy bones and make me breakfast” stare. It always works.

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