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While I’m On The Computer

Nekoka hangs out in the hallway in his favorite position – flat out on his back.  I have never had a cat that spent as much time in this position.  He is shameless. Sassafrass prefers to help herself to my … Continue reading

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Working From Home – Why It’s Not Easy

I definitely need more pajamas if I keep getting caught in the photograph.  But if you knew the aim Bandit has you’d wear old junk clothes too. 

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Merlin Takes a Shower

Merlin, my Bronze-wing Pionus, hates baths, unlike Bandit who lives for diving into the bathroom sink 0r at least a wet washcloth.  Merlin prefers a refreshing shower, hand delivered by yours truly. This makes for not only a very wet … Continue reading

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Catnip, Secret Ingredient in Fabric Softener?

Sunday is laundry day.  Nothing smells as good as fresh from the dryer sheets, jeans, towels, you name it.  Fabric softener makes everything better.  But I think it has a secret ingredient – catnip! Just ask Nekoka and Sassafrass. I … Continue reading

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Is That Where She Keeps the Cat Food?

Walked into the kitchen to start dinner, and this is what I find!  It’s a cat conspiracy.  I know it was Sassafrass who opened the door, but Nekoka gets partial credit for holding it open while she hoisted herself up … Continue reading

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Get A Move On

Late afternoon, after a rough day at work, I come home and dump my things in the kitchen, let the birds out, and then hot foot it upstairs to the restroom (birds on shoulder) BEFORE I feed the cats. This … Continue reading

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Not Funny!

It is the end of March already, and I just don’t appreciate the sick sense of humor shown by whoever ordered the snow. My poor daffodils better not suffer. The leaf buds on my lilac tree better recover too. I … Continue reading

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