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8.28.2012 Finally

My cat blog friends may not understand, but this makes my toes curl.  For the first time in perhaps my entire life, I can say with honesty, that I cannot wait for summer to end. Greibach explains the timeline much … Continue reading

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You Shall Not Resist

the incredible cuteness that was Sassafrass as a kitten!  Look at that adorable crooked little face! That’s my son Tony holding her.  He brought Sassafrass and her brother Nekoka (who hogs up way too much blog space already) home for … Continue reading

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Couch Lounging Nekoka Style

On Sunday afternoon Nekoka spent some time lounging around on the arm of my couch while I lay at the other end, camera at the ready.  He knows when he has my full attention and loves to pose.

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Box Drama

You know what is coming.  Nekoka is trying to look innocent but is failing miserably.

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The Boys Chow Down

The only way I can get some peace when making my own lunch,  is to share it with my parrots.  Luckily for me this time they agree to eat on the counter instead of Bandit on my left shoulder, and … Continue reading

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Work That Cat Tongue

Grooming can be such a chore.

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