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Stalking Sassafrass

While I had my camera on video settings yesterday, I took this little movie of Sassafrass sitting on the edge of the back of a chair, catching the last bit of sunshine coming through that window. Advertisements

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Hanging Out On Bandit’s Cage

Bandit and Merlin have very much enjoyed having me home on vacation all this week.  I exercised the video option on my camera to little avail however – I missed all the really good stuff, and it is just too … Continue reading

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Bird’s Eye View

Bandit and Merlin have been chased off their usual perch on the back of my chair onto the high shelf overlooking my computer. Since Nekoka shows no signs of giving up his position, the parrots are stuck up there for … Continue reading

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Murmuration by Sophie Windsor Clive

Have you all seen this awesome video yet?  Nature showing off.  I forgot to breathe.  Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

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Prepping for Turkey Day Cat style

Nekoka and Sassafrass will let me do all the work making the stuffing and cooking up the turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow. They will be content with helping me eat it.

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It’s Been Over A Year!

I’ve just realized that it has been over a year since I began blogging on WordPress.  I used to use MSN Live but they closed down their blogosphere and migrated us all over here.  I never really did much on … Continue reading

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We Love When Mom Works From Home

Cause we get to supervise everything she does.

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