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Your Cheese or Your Life

These twerps can be pretty intimidating when there’s cheese on the line. Advertisements

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Happy Thanksgiving a Few Days Late

It has been so long since I’ve written a post I almost forgot which application I use to do so.  Luckily after my Windows 10 upgrade, it looks like Windows Live Writer is still functioning so lets dust off the … Continue reading

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So Neglected, So Pitiful, So Sad

Sassafrass feels so neglected, since I’ve been lost in Guild Wars 2 the last few weeks.

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Our Favorite Interactive Toy

Nekoka and Sassafrass love this long piece of flannel hooked up to a kitty fishing pole.  Too bad I cannot take a good action shot while fishing for cats at the same time. Sassafrass prefers to play this game on … Continue reading

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Bag Wars

Nekoka starts out optimistic –the current contents of the bag are obviously cat-related.

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Too Lazy To Move

As long as the sun is still hitting the crucial bits, Nekoka can’t be bothered to move.

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Lazy Sunday

And Nekoka wasn’t even the one who had to shovel snow.

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